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Management panel

Vezerlo en.jpg

The Management panel can be reached this way:
Right click on the main screen > Show Devices

Vezerlo2 en.jpg

To use the Management panel, drag it into a cell of the Matrix. The left box on picture represents our screen, the right box represents our recorder called Test.

Vezerlo2 2 en.jpg

If we enable another screen, another box appears, which represents the second screen. Essentially we can manage our system in little, and it works exactly the same way as the big one.

Vezerlo3 en.jpg

For example, we can add channels the same way, we add to the big screen.(On the picture we're adding Camera 3 to the upper right cel)
If we add a channel to the Test recorder, then it apears on the recorders output.

Vezerlo4 en.jpg

As you can see, the channel appeared the same way, like with the bigger version.