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Launch express installation

Express installation is possible if:

  • you have no any existing MySQL installation on the PC
  • you don't want to define special installation folder, port number
  • user name of your windows account doesn't contain space or special characters
  • Copy installer into the root directory of your PC
  • OS at least WIN7

In most case it is recommended for installation with new PC.

First extract the installation zip into a folder. Then launch "start-express-windows.bat" or "" depending on OS. During installation you have the option to install the MySQL or server or client, but in most case user installs all the 3 components.


$express 007.png

In case of installation under Linux the superuser password is asked. In case of Windows check if you have enough right to install applications. Contact your IT support.

$express 004.png

In most case check all the three components to install then click


$express 008.png

During installation progress bar indicates the status of installation.

$express 009.png

At the end of installation click "Finish".

$express 010.png

On your desktop (Windows and Linux too) you will find two shortcut icons. First start server and then follow instructions in First SIWENOID startup.

Uninstallation of SIWENOID

Swnd 35 20131202 09.12.jpg

First the MySQL instance has to be deleted. MySQL is running as a Windows service.

  • Stop "MySQL for Siwenoid" service in Windows control panel.
  • Use command prompt (run: cmd). Type in: sc delete "MySQL for Siwenoid"
  • Then delete the installation folder of server, client, and MySQL.

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