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Launch of applications

Inst image22.png

Server and client applications can be launched by start-server.bat and start-client.bat files that are located in the root directory of server and client installations. At the first start of server the system prompt to create a user with admin rights. Both user name and its password are up to you.

Inst image25.png

If server is productive then a tray icon inform you about its status.

Inst image26.png

Click on the tray icon to open its popup menu. Here you can restart, shutdown the server and licenc informations are shown. Here (and also in client) you can activate a remote licenc upgrade or feed the new licenc file.

Inst image35.png

Launching the client application a login window appears and it also inform you if client has been connected to its server. At first login you should use the username and password that was created at first server start (see above).

Inst image13.png

After login you can change the language of user interface of admin user. Use menu->users->user name->edit user submenu.

Inst image28.png

On the dialog use Language selection box to select hu, and confirm your choice with OK.

Inst image03.png

After selection of user language logout by clicking on the user name button on the top left. Now at next login type your username and password and user interface will appear in hungarian.

Default treatment migration

This is superseded. This is done automatically during first server startup.

Inst image18.png

During server installation some csv files are copied to the server folder. These associate the subsystem modules that were selected during instalation. They has to be imported so that the subsystem telegrams and status can be interpreted in the system. First click on Tree button to open datapoint hierarchy. Then right click on root container. Then choose Treatment and command migration submenu and the appropriate subsystem.

Inst image20.png

In the file open dialog navigate to the folder of server and select the appropriate file. These treatment definition files have the following name convention: treatment_table_<alrendszer-neve->.csv. For example treatment_table_cc11.csv file belongs to the CC11 subsystem. Select a file and confirm your selection. A dialog notify about the successful migration of treatment file.

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