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Restoring server and database from backup

Before restore

If you want to restore the application from a Safety_backup (f.e. after PC change, reinstall) first you have to do is make a clean install of the software. ( → Express_installation or Manual_installation).
After a clean install you have to start the installer again. On the first page you'll see:
Try to use mouse when it's possible and don't click on button's twice. For security reasons there are no "BACK" buttons in the installer, so every time you click "next" make sure that everything is selected / filled correctly. You can start over the process any time.

Server application restore process

First you have to restore the server application. If your backup is made from older version of the software than the installation package has - no worries. The backup contains the necessary core files, so the restored application will be the same version as the backupped. ( For upgrading the softwer's version see Version upgrades)


Here you should select "Restore" and then click "Next >>".


Select server application to restore and then click "Next >>".


Select the components of server application then click "Next >>".

Don't change the checked boxes, unless you absolutely sure of what you are doing.


Select the source zip file of the server backup. Use "Browse..." to select source folder and file.

The backupped server files named "Server"+>DATE of backup<.zip". (For example You should select the zip file, not its folder


Select destination folder. Use "Browse..." to select or create destination folder.

By default it is located under c:\users\(windows username)\Siwenoid\server

  • The windows user name (and folder name under "users" should not contain any special chars (like "űáéúőóö") exept the english alfabet, and no spaces to avoid surprises.
  • The destination folder is "...siwenoid/server", not just "Siwenoid"

Restoring server's database from backup


In the upper section you should define database, what the software will use. The pre-filled data is obtained from the backup file. It not recommended to change the default values)

the URL of Siwenoid's Mysql server.
    • Since the server is installed on that computer, it should be
    • Watch for the port number, by default it's 3399
Database name
This data is obtained from the backup. A new database will be created by this name. Any name can be entered here, but it's not recommended to change the default values.
Here you must provide a non-root database user what have the permission to create tables in the main database
The password of the database user.
  • The database users are created upon installation. It is not recommended to change the default values upon insatallation. If the backup contains different usernames and passwords than what the installer created previously then the restore process will not succeed.

In the lower section you should give the credentials of the root database user.

Database name
Name of the main database, usually mysql with all lowercase chars.
Mysql user with root access. Usually root
The password of the root database user.

If everything filled correctly click on Test connection. You should make changes if anything other than "test was successful" pops up. Only click "Next >>" if the test is OK, or you'll have to start over the whole restore process.

Path to database backup
Enter the full path to the database backup.
  • The database backup is usually named "database+>date of backup<". Like
  • Select the zip file itself, not just its folder.
Path to mysql utility
Siwenoid installs its own mysql, usually under c:\users\(windows username)\Mysql. Brows for the Mysql\bin folder and select mysql.exe

If those are selected, click "Next >>"


If everything went OK, a progress bar shows you how far the restore is got. After finished (100%) the installer asks if you want to update the configuration xml files for Siwenoid. Unless you have a specific reason click Yes.


Click "Finish". Your Siwenoid Server is restored to a backupped version!

Restore client application

After the server's restoration you should restore the client application.

  • The process is almost the same as with the server, but at the beginning you should select Siwenoid client application instead of "server".

(Detailed description coming soon)

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