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To use this client application You must have Siwenoid server (v1.17.2963 or later) and Android Tunnel started in server settings. After opening the Application, login screen will appear:

Login (Small).png

You should type the server’s IP address (or DNS name), port number, a valid Siwenoid user’s username and password. After a successful login the Main screen will appear.


On this screen You can see the existing categories of Your system. The counters and colours of the category indicates events, when a category is flashing it means that has unacknowledged event(s). Touching a category will show the Event List.


You can acknowledge events by touching them. With long touching them commands can be sent to the datapoint, or the assigned camera’s stream can be watched. Acknowledging and command sending will only be approved from accepted areas that can be set in Siwenoid server application (Android Tunnel/Location Restriction). To check the smartphone’s location, the application needs Fine Location Permission.


Push Messages

You can be notified about new events created in the system from subscribed categories. To manage subscriptions open Menu/Push Notification.


A push notification contains event name, datapoint name, time when received, and a counter which indicates the number of notification received since the application was last opened.

Hikvision Live Stream and PTZ

Live stream can be watched from cameras connected to Hikvision DVRs, NVRs and PTZ control is also available. To watch a stream, open an event which has a camera assignment, or use Menu/Datapoint Hierarchy and select a camera.


Using the 4 arrow button the camera can be moved to the appropriate direction. The movement starts when you touch the button, and stops by releasing it. With pinch gesture you can zoom in or out. The zooming stops by releasing Your fingers from the screen. With HD/HQ icon stream quality can be changed. By opening Menu/Settings You can set vibration and sound when a notification received. Furthermore there is an option to automatically show CCTV stream, when a new event is received (if application is running).


Location Restriction

To configure the accepted area please right click at Siwenoid icon and select Android tunnel/Location Restriction

Android restriction.PNG

The accepted area is a circle, with the given point and radius(m).