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Configuring SPC5300 from internet browser

Setting up Internet Explorer

The SPC system can only be configured from Internet Explorer. Before connecting to the SPC make sure that SSL3 encryption is enabled in the browser!

In the menu select Tools → Internet Options → Advanced tab.

In the options list find and check the SSL3 setting!

Spc siwenoid configuration-02.jpg

Setting up SPC for communication to Siwenoidhoz

Enter Engineer mode to setup the system (upper right corner of the screen)
In "Full Engineer" mode there are no alerts and signals sent to the event handlers! Log off as engineer after setup!

Spc siwenoid configuration-04.jpg

!) "Full engineer" mode, for servicing only


If we are logged in to the SPC configuration the keypad and (if configured before) Siwenoid tells us that "Engineer on site" You should click "log off" after setting up the SPC panel.

1. Ethernet settings

In menu: Communications -> Ethernet

We can setup (and double check) the Ethernet settings of the SPC.


2. EDP settings

The SPC panel must be setupped in order to communicate with the Siwenoid Server. For this we need to add a new communication channel and user for Siwenoid to handle.

Spc siwenoid configuration-udp.jpg

After entering Full Engineer mode select Communications -> Reporting -> EDP -> Settings , or "ADD" a new one.

1) Client identifier
Siwenoid will use this ID to log in to the SPC.
2) Sending commands
We want to send commands to the SPC, so leave this checked.
3) IP Address of the Siwenoid Server
The "client" of the SPC is the Siwenoid server itself.
4) Communication ports
The port siwenoid and the SPC panel uses for communication. Leave it at 50000, exept if you use more SPC panels.
5) Always Connected
This is required for every new EDP to keep communicating.
6) Save
After all settings done click on the SAVE button to acept the changes.

The SPC is ready to communicate with Siwenoid.


On the bottom of the previous screen there is the "FiLTER" button. Click on it and setup what communications should be sent to Siwenoid.

All checkboxes must be marked, so Siwenoid can receive every alert and status changes. If not all boxes check, the system won't work together as intended.

Spc event filters.jpg

Setting up event timers

By default the SPC panel sends messages with 30 seconds delay. For siwenoid to work correctly we must change this setting.

Spc event timers.jpg

Search for the system timers menu

Click on Configuration (1) → System (2) → System Timers (3) → Dialer Delay (4). Check here (and correct if not) that the Dialer Delay setting must be 0 second.

Adding SPC5300 to SIWENOID


Open tree view in Siwenoid, and add a new container to the datapoint's database. (Right click on the tree → new container)

SPC container settings

You can set the name of the SPC arbitrarily ("SPC demo" in the example) Select the type SPC from the type list.

Spc siwenoid configuration-09.jpg
1) Protocol
Select the "EDP (UDP master)" option.
2) Host
Here you enter the IP address of the SPC panel.
3) Port
Here you can add the communication port (50000 in the previous example)
4) Local ID
The "reciever ID" from the SPC settings. The unique ID throught what Siwenoid can connect to the SPC.

If there are more SPC panels on the same network, they must use different ports per spc/siwenoid container.

Downloading datapoints

If we added the container we can import datapoints (motion sensors, zones etc) from the SPC itself.

If the datapoints cannot be browsed right after adding the container, please disable then enable communication from popup menu of the tree view.

Spc siwenoid configuration-0b.jpg
1) Importing datapoints
With datapoint browsing we can briowse the datapoints while the system is up and running. We can import all datapoints to Siwenoid.

↑ You can see the (demonstarative) importable zone and datapoint names on the picture.

Ading datapoints

While browsing the datapoints of the SPC panel, use right click and then click on the "import datapoints to container" text.

SPC 15 140226 12.52.jpg

The datapoints of the SPC will be imported to Siwenoid.

SPC5300 and SP6xxx tool screenshots

When the web tool is connected to the SPC6000 unit in Full Engineer mode, then no alarm messages are transmitted to SIWENOID.

In accordance with the first section, the following screenshots show the proper SPC settings:

SPC 01 140226 11.31.jpg
SPC 02 140226 11.32.jpg
SPC 03 140226 11.32.jpg
SPC 04 140226 11.32.jpg
SPC 05 140226 11.33.jpg
SPC 07 140226 11.34.jpg
SPC 08 140226 11.35.jpg

SPC 09 140226 11.36.jpg

Remember to leave "full engineering" mode otherwise alarms are disabled to be transmitted.

SPC 10 140226 11.36.jpg

This also warns that no message transmitted in "full engineering".

SPC 11 140226 12.20.jpg

These SIWENOID parameters correspond with the SPC settings above.

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