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PTZ with recorder

Use of standalone modules

Configptz en.JPG

PTZ modules are needed, if the controlling of the camera can't be done with the recorders own controller unit.
From the preferences menu choose the PTZ module settings, and with the Add button fill in the necessary parameters.
Clicking on the Save button, the settings will be enabled, and at the editing area of the channels, the freshly added module will appear as an option.

SNet-422 (American Dynamics) module

For the support of Sensornet és SNet-422 protocol. For the SNet-422 a Lantronix UDS1100 protocol converter is needed, with a special firmware. Up on this for the Sensornet an American Dynamics SNet-422 - Sensornet converter is needed as well
The parameters of the module are the IP address set on the Lantronix, and the port.
Note: Since Lantronix has to connect to muiltiple hosts (max. 3), only the starting port is needed. If this port is used by something else, SIWENIX increments, and the next free one will be used.