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The matrix is the container of the channels we'd like to display. Its shape, and partition can be freely edited. Channels can be displayed by draging them into a cell. The type of the cells can be changed from the Device list, with an altering field. These can be the following:

Qualifying fields en.JPG
  • Maps
  • Archive viewer
  • Tracking viewer
  • Management panel


Matrix dragndrop en.jpg

After a right click on the main screen, the chosen channel can be draged into the selected cell(if it is possible for the device),
and according to its type displays the channel.


To change the geometry of a cell, right click on it, select the Layout menu and choose one of the options below:

Matrix editing en.jpg
  • Grow up
  • Grow down
  • Grow left
  • Grow right
  • Split up
  • Split down
  • Split left
  • Split right
  • Split into 4 pieces
  • Delete row
  • Delete column