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License menu

License menu item.png

Use license information menu in main menu.

Trial license information

License ures 029.png

Without any dongle the software runs in trial mode. In trial mode a certain number of datapoints and client connections are allowed for a limited time. Connect USB dongle and select green add button to register a dongle and its license.

Add a dongle

License dongle 030.png

Type in the dongle serial. By default the connected dongle serial is automatically filled in.

License added 031.png

License information is refreshed if you have a valid license.

License update

License request.png

An existing license should be updated if more datapoints or client connection is required to be handled. In this case a file (extension: .WibuCmRaC) has to be exported (license request) and sent to your distributor. Later you get an updated file back and it has to be imported.

Use License request btn.png to save request file. Send it to your distributor. Use License update btn.png to import a new (updated) license file. After successful import the license information has been refreshed.

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