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Configuring ATC-1000/2000

It ensures a RS-232 connection to Integra panel. Most of newer computers haven't got any serial (RS-232) connection. Thatswhy we need a TCP-IP to RS-232 converter. In this configuration tutorial, we use an ATC-1000 converter.

Tn ATC.png

ATC-1000's default IP address is: The default port is: 23.

We need to connect it to the computer, and type this ip address in a web browser. To enter the configuration site enter the username and the password. (Default username: admin, password: system) If it allowed to access, click on "UART" menu on the left side of the site. To setting up the connection between ATC-1000 and Satel INT-RS, enter the following settings:


Mode: RS232
Baudrate: 19200
Character Bits: 8
Parity Type: none
Stop Bit: 1
Hardware Flow Control: none
On Delimiter, leave blank all checkboxes.


To set ATC-1000's IP address, click on "Administrator" menu on the left, and "System IP Configuration" menu. Enter the correct values you want to use.

To set the communication's port, click on "TCP Mode" menu. Enter the required port number to the "Data Port Number" field.
Note: Using DHCP, you should enter the IP host address in Siwenoid each time, when ATC-1000's IP address changed.