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Device tree

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Use right click to open popup menu. Select "Show Devices" to open device tree on the left of the screen.

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CCTV video sources are listed here. In most case the tree is two level deep. In the higher level the DVR/NVR's are listed, and its children datapoints are the channels. Click on "Add device" to define a new DVR/NVR.

Device parameter

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First type an alias name of the device. Then select the type of NVR/DVR in the selection list. Host is the ip address or domain name of device. Port number username and password are mandatory in most case.

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Later you can modify these parameters by using popup menu on a specific device. After saving changes the device is discovered automatically. If it is available on the network, and communication is established then its channels are listed. Names of the channels are requested from device. Red, yellow, green lights indicate if the communication is OK. ScreenHunter 24 Dec. 23 10.46.jpg

Channel parameter

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Use popup menu on a specific channel node to open its property dialog.


Type the name of the device if you want different from the name that was automatically got from DVR/NVR.

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