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Datapoint Hierarchical Tree

Adatpont jpg.jpeg

Informations about the datapoints.

Adatpont 2 1.jpeg

1) Name of the datapoint in the software

2) Name of the datapoint in the physical container

  • We can rename the datapoints in Siwenoid. This is why its necessery to show the original name of the datapoint.

3) Type of the datapoint ("For example "Zone")

4) The physical parent container (subsystem) of the datapoint.

  • Because the datapoints can be arranged to logical trees it is necessery to know what is the physical, "parent" container (subsystem) of the datapoint.

The possible signals of the datapoints (Treatments)

Adatpont 2 2.jpeg

In this view we can see the possible statuses what the datapoint can obtain.

These items are based on the physical container of the datapoint. For example different statuses can be obtained by a fire alarm unit than a movement detector.

Every treatment's icons (signal status) are set by the event category what they belong to

Sending commands to subsystems and datapoints

Adatpont 2 3.jpeg

The commands what can be send to the datapoint / subsystem are shown here. Different batch of commands are available based on the type of the datapoint as different commands can be send to a smoke detector than a movement sensor.

  • If we click on the icon of the command we send that command to the subsystem or datapoint.

Events about one datapoint

In this windows we can see all events from the last 24 hour considering the selected datapoint.

This is a special extract of the event log.

Adatpont 2 4.jpeg

1) The time of the event

2) The status obtained by the datapoint.

3) The status obtained by the datapoint.

The Datapoint Hierarchy screen

Datapoint hieararchy engg.png