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The parts of the screen

Preference map overview.jpeg

1) Maps name: The name of the opened map

2) The map: The saved map-image. We can zoom in and out and drag the map by the mouse cursor and wheel

3) Minimap: If we use a big map what cannot be shown at once, or we zoomed into the map the minimap shows us where we are on the bigger map.

  • We can use the minimap for navigation by clicking on its window.

4) Reset button: By pressing hte button the top left corner of the map will set to the place 0x0 and the zoom of the map is set to 100%. This is the initial view of the maps.

5) Datapoint (under alarm status): Datapoints by types are represented as icons on the maps.

  • If the status of the datapoint differs from "Normal" then the icon of the datapoint is highlighted by the color of the event category of the status.
  • If the status is not yet acknowledged the icon is blinking.(In the example we can see an intrusion zone under alarm status.)

6) "Normal" state datapoint: Datapoints with "Normal" status are not highlighted with any color.

7) Settings options: (With the appropiate permissions) We can set the name and category of the map. Dont forget to click "save" after we make changes to the map

8) Map manage: Map manage options can be found here.

9) Maps name: You can set or change the maps name here Save is neccesary!

10) Map group: Map groups can be selected from here.

11) Save button: Everything what was changed can be saved with this button.

12) Print button: You can print the map with this button.

13) Editable checkbox: If the checkbox is checked you can edit the map.

14) Map editor: Map editor tools can be found here.

15) Layers: Datapoints can be divided into layers. If the layer is activated the datapoints on the layer are visible, else it's not.

16) Popup map: You are able to assign maps to icons, and set those icons to creat popup maps.

17) Text: You are able to create texts on the map.

18) Set picture on map: You are able to set pictures on the map

19) Shape: You are able to create shape drawings on the map, for example circle.

Navigation on maps

1) Zoom: We can zoom in or out from the map with the mouse wheel. The center of the zoom will be at the mouse cursor.

2) Panning the map: You can pan the map by the mouse with click-and-drag.

If the map cannot be viewed, We can reset the map view with the button (4) if we panned / zoomed the map away from the screen.