Siwenoid v2 installation

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We need a freshly installed windows with all updates, with all energy saving options disabled!

  • We recommend not to partition the system drive.
  • The windows username shouldn't contain any special chars (like ! % ö ü ó ű á é ú ő etc.) or space.

Copy the installer to Drive C:.

Installer v2 folder.jpeg

1. Sub version

2. release date

Open the folder and click on "Start_Windows.bat"!

-The installer starts.

We should see the following screen.

Installer v2 open.jpeg

Select the "Install" option!

The installer starts and we should see the following picture:

Installer v2 kivalasztas 1.jpeg

Select the components we want to install then click "NEXT".

If we purchased a 1 client configuration select all three options (Client, Server, License service). If we are setupping a second client then we should select client only.

  • The "Client" is the siwenoid client application.
  • The "Server" is the Siwenoid server application.
  • The "License service" is the licenc managing tool.

Select the install destination.

On the next screen we can specify the folder for Siwenoid. it is NOT RECOMMENDED to change the default install location.

Installer v2 kivalasztas 2.jpeg

  • If the selected folder is not present the installer will make it for us.
  • If we have a previuos version of Siwenoid v2 the installer updates it to its own version.
  • The client, server and licence manager will be installed in different folders under a "Siwenoid" folder.

If We Click on "NEXT" the installing will begin.

  • The software installs its own Java runtime environment so it wont interferewith the computers settings.

Finnishing installation

We will be notified about the succesful installation. Click on the "Finish" button to exit the installer.

Installer 04 legyjopls.jpeg