Siwenoid v2 Galaxy Dimension configuration

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Configuring Galaxy control unit

Galaxy Dimension uses internal RS232 port to communicate with Siwenoid. Use GD editor tool to set some parameters.

GaD group mode.png

In Group Mode set Enable Groups (program step:63-Options 1-1-1).

GaD group communication.PNG

In Group Communication menu use RS232 tab to set each triggers.

GaD internal RS232.PNG

In Internal RS232 menu set the communication parameters.

GaD internal RS232 triggers.PNG

In Internal RS232 menu use Triggers tab to set each triggers.

container definition

Galaxy physical def 1.png

Create a new container.

G data 2.png

Set the parameters of container. Host is the device server's IP address. Port number is the device server's dedicated port for communication. PIN is the Account filed of GD editor tool (Program step: 56.6.3).

Import metafile

GaD internal Zones.PNG

Galaxy data.png

Use Update from metafile menu to import back the metafile and thus fill up GD container datapoint hierarchy.