Siwenoid v2 First run after installation

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Desktop after installation

The software places 3 icons on the Windows desktop!

Siwenoid v2 parancsikonok.jpeg

Start the server!

Double click the "Siwenoid Server" shortcut to start it.

  • At first time run the software initialize all datapoint handlers and all of its subroutines, this might take several minutes.
  • We can create the administrative password upon the initalization of the database.

Siwenoid v2 installer firstrun.jpeg

  • If every service is "running" the system is ready to use.
  • We should start the client software now.

The Indicator screen of the server application

After starting the server we can see its indicator window.

  • This window can always be closed by clicking the"X" on the upper right corner. This action will not shut down the software.
Siwenoid v2 szerverablak.jpeg

  • 1) Running services
                       -The program can be used approximately after one minute of starting it. The running services can be seen here.
-The client software should be started only when all services are running.
  • 2) Connected Servers
                       -The software can be configured to use more servers in a synchronized, parallel way to increase the necessary redundancy. The IP addresses of the servers can be seen here.
  • 3) Licence informations
                      -The software can only be used with a USB hardware key. If we remove the dongle we have 48 hours to put it back.
                       (On the example we can see a temporary licence with 4507 connected datapoints from the licenced 100000000000, plus it can control 1000 client machines and 1000 server applications simultaneously.)

Starting the Client software!

  • Before starting the client software make sure that the server application is running.(The icon of the server is shown on the taskbar)
Siwenoid v2 server running 1.jpeg

The client software can be run by double clicking on the "Siwenoid Client" shortcut from the desktop.

  • If there are no servers on the network the client notifies the user and waits for the server to be operational.

Logging in

The Siwenoid v2 functions are all permission-based so we need a user name and a password to use it. After the client is started a window pops up with the list of the existing users. Select the one we want to use, enter the password then click on the mark (or hit enter).

Siwv2 login screen.jpeg

  • We won't see this window if the client is setupped to log in with a user automatically.