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Sintony SI410 configuration

What we need:

  • SAQ 11 cable
  • ATC-1000 converter

Connection diagram

Connect SAQ11 cable to the Sintony motherboard J10 port.


Sylcom configuration

The SI410 can provide serial connectivity to Siwenoid computers on the port J10.
When in serial mode, in the System Node of the SYLCOM tool, select the following options:
Networking mode = J10
Sending Node = WUD


ATC-1000 configuration

UART Setting

  • Mode: RS232
  • Baudrate: 9600
  • Character Bits: 8
  • Parity Type: none
  • Stop Bit: 1
  • Hardware Flow Control: none

Connecting to Siwenoid

Host: ATC-1000 ip address
Port: ATC-1000 port
User ID: 3 (This is the default administrator user in Sintony)


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