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Phylosophy of containers

The datapoint hierarchy is based on containers. Containers are logical parent nodes of physical datapoints or other containers. They inherit the status of their children datapoints.

Tree popup newContainer.png

In tree view use the popup menu to create a new container.

Physical containers

Tree newcontainer.png

Physical container is distinguished from logical container what it also defines the communication protocol features of corresponding subsystem(s).

Optionally you can define its communication parameters after creation of the container. It containes parameters about IP address, subsystem type, port number... After this you can import datapoints under this container as children nodes.

Logical containers

Tree newlogcontainer.png

When you create a logical container leave the communication parameters blank. You can create a free topology of logical containers. Under a certain container you can create an another one as its child.

Datapoint reorganization

Datapoints can be defined under a physical container. By default the import procedure is automatic. Sometimes the inherited datapoint hierarchy is not convenient to manage, since all datapoints are on the same hierarchy level.

The imported datapoints can be arranged under logical containers within other - "parent" - containers. Any datapoint can be moved under any logical container. In any logical container you can mix different types of datapoints without any restriction.

Important: The datapoints are also linked to its original physical container programmatically. During a subsequent metafile import datapoints that have already been moved to an other (logical) container are also updated. The metafile imports should always be initiated in its original physical container.

Tree splitwindow.png

Split your tree window. This makes it easier to drag&drop datapoints beetwen containers.

Tree movedatapoint.png

In datapoint tree view drag&drop one or more datapoints from under a physical container to a logical container. Child nodes of the selected datapoints will also be moved to the new location. Logical containers will inherit the status of their new chidren datapoints.


Dedicated containers

Tree container set dedicated .png

In tree view right click on the container and from the popup menu select Edit container.... Check the "Dedicated" checkbox on the form.


On hte bottom of the event list window a container will appear. It will contain small lamps that reflect to the event categories and behave as collective signals of the children nodes of the corresponding container. Its caption is inherited from the first two letter of its container.

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Language: English  • magyar