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Configuring CerberusPro in stand alone mode

CerberusPro (SIEMENS) control unit uses Bacnet protocol to communicate with Siwenoid. Communication settings can be done in FXS72xx editor of CerberusPro control unit.

Sinteso 1 network tree.png

Open network settings of a CerberusPro. In this tutorial we discuss a basic configuration when a SIWENOID and a CerberusPro control unit are in the same network segment.

Sinteso 1 global Bacnet config.png

First check global BACnet configuration. These settings should be used for proper communication.

Sinteso 1 Bacnet client config.png

BACnet device ID is the SIWENOID's (as a BACnet client) address. This address has to be set in SIWENOID container definition.

Sinteso 1 FC ethernet.png

Set the IP address of your control unit. This parameter should also be set in thee container definition of SIWENOID.

Sinteso 1 Ethernet subnet.png

Set the network mask of control unit ethernet interface. SIWENOID should be in the same network segment as the control unit.

Sinteso 1 Bacnet device object.png

This address field is the BACnet address of the CerberusPro control unit. This is important when you import a SibX file into SIWENOID.

Sinteso 1 Bacnet device object details.png

Usually you have to leave this field on default. (BBMD should be used when the control unit and SIWENOID are not in the same network segment.)


In order to make CerberusPro communicate with Siwenoid from a subnet(Control unit's subnet) to another subnet(Siwenoid's subnet) a GAP creation is necessery in 'Functions' submenu.


It is necessery to create a route inside the GAP (under overview tab) by setting up the Destination address (Pointing to Siwenoid's subnet, or IP of the Siwenoid client PC), Network mask and Gateway(CerberusPro's subnet router IP).

Configuring SIWENOID in stand alone mode

Cerberusproleiras Angol.png

In the Phyiscal structure settings (File-Settings-Physical structure) add a new container with the + icon. Give it a name, choose the handler type CerberusProMP5, then the protocol type which is Siemens BACnet.

Host IP is the address of the control unit, the BACnet port is 43808 by default.

Subnet by default is, this should work for simple systems.Local address can be used only if your computer has more than one Ethernet interface. Normally it should be left empty.

If it is required, UDP port field can be filled when the Control unit and the software is not in the same subnet.


A SibX file can contain datapoints of more than one control unit. An import always fetch only one control unit at a time.

Import a Sibx file by click on the Import metafile button.

Now set the id's of the control unit you want to import.

Device ID must be equal the control unit address, and Device address must be equal the BACnet ID of control unit.

If you have more than one control unit in a SibX then repeat these steps and set the id's of control units one by one.

Finally each control units and their datapoint will be included in the container.